Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So Busy.

Yikes! I feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day for everything I need to get done.

are the paintings I promised. Only a couple though, and they are far from being done. But I thought a sneak peek would be nice :)

I hope I get them done before M
arch...oh I really really hope so.

another note, I am so happy being in my studio. I'm am so happy that I share a space with so many other great people/artists. Michelle Ramin invited me to her studio this afternoon and we drank tea and talked art. It was just what I needed this afternoon. I wasn't feeling particularly inspired or motivated, but that little bit of conversation helped. yay!

One more thing...if you haven't voted please do!
I think the polls close tomorrow, or m
aybe tonight, I'm not sure...but I'd love it if you did vote for me :)


anks to everyone who has already voted!! I really appreciate it.
ay, laundry and blog interview questions await me :)


Gloria said...

Wow Michelle -- these paintings are going to be awesome! They already look fantastic just as they are. If you're in need of a little cheering on,I just posted a great vintage illustration that might do the trick. :) You're on the home stretch!

Enormous Plumes of Smoke said...

These are fantastic, Michelle! I love your work.

Janice La Verne said...

I love this work. I think they are very powerful. You capture the strength found in these structures.

I tried to vote but I couldn't figure it out. Can we blame it on the fact that I'm 57 and computers came late in my life?

Heather Kirtland said...

Your pieces look great! It's great seeing the work in progress, and getting a peak into your studio. I envy you having fellow artist close by.

Lovelloux said...

they are so beautiful..
i wish i could vote again;)
good luck!

Andra Johnson said...

I love this series Michelle! Are they based off photographs of Detroit?

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

These are gorgeous...are the images of the structures painted/drawn or transfers/prints of some sort? The pieces have such a strong presence.