Thursday, January 28, 2010

Workity Work Work

It seems like that's all I ever do anymore...


I don't know.

I'm tired.
I'm over it.

Yup. Bring me sunshine, be
aches, and alcohol. Now.



NONtRENDY said...

agreed! I feel I'm just running around.

nacherluver said...

Picture is adorable and sentiment is felt here as well! Now if only I could figure out what the word "vacation" means. ;0)

Oh wait, I think I'm getting a vague recollection. Is that one of those chance encounters with rest, relaxation, fun and....

Now you have me dreaming!

Chelsea said...

A vacation sounds great right now! We're expecting a snowstorm this weekend where I'm from. Very cute blog (and dog)!


Janice La Verne said...

maybe we should invent something called "vacation hour" each day and we only do something vacationy...

Michele Maule said...

I'm loving the idea of vacation hour, Janice!!

Indo bay... said...

Ooohhh, were you having one of those days too! I love, love, love my work. It's the other stuff like cleaning, grocery shopping, walking the dogs, blah, blah, blah that sometimes gets in the way. Funny...I wouldn't change it for anything! ;)