Saturday, February 20, 2010


Well, it's another beautiful day in Portland. 60 Degrees and sunny!

So lovely! I just w
ant to drink coffee, draw, ride my bike, and hang out with Chloe all day...

I have tomorrow off, and it's suppose to be another beautiful day, so I think that will be the day I have. I'm really looking forward to it.

I've been
a little obsessed with succulents lately. They seem to be taking over my neighborhood. I think I love them.

also found the sweetest little whitish pink cabbage on my morning walk.

Well, I hope everyone h
as a great weekend :)


Chelsea said...

I love succulents...they looks so fresh and healthy, and are so easy to maintain!

Found you through the Etsy blog love thread, I'll be back again! Best wishes,


Montagyoo said...

lovely photos!

justagirl said...

I too love succulents... they seem to be the only plant that I don't kill. Although I did kill one once, I over watered it and it got moldy and died.

o'reilly ink said...

Ah you're so lucky! It's horribly gross and depressing in Ohio. I can't remember what that color green even looks like anymore.