Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It's so hard to be motivated to go to my studio in the summer. I just want to hang out outside all day.

I did m
anage to get myself in there today and I spent a good 3 hours getting work done. That's a lot of time for me in my studio ;)

I finished the sm
all project I've been working on. It's a little book of bird drawings. It measures about 4.5x5". The cover is made out of old index cards that I glued and sewed together. The pages are old pages from a typewriter manual. I used micron ens and gouache paint to create the little birds on the pages.

I then dipped the p
ages in hot beeswax. When you open the book a faint smell of beeswax hits your nose. I love it. I love how small and intimate it is. I still need to sew it together. I don't know if I am going to list it on Etsy.

It w
as really refreshing to make something without any intention of selling it. We'll see I suppose. I also got a new painting finished and listed in my shop. I started a new one, and I am almost done with another. Things are going well.

June h
as been a great month for me! I am very thankful for all the success and work I've accomplished.


Samantha Mitra said...

Ths art book is fantastic. I love it.

Cathy said...

Beautiful! I love how transparent it is...all the layers...perfect.

nacherluver said...

Very cute little book. I love the bees wax touch! Bet it smells divine.

Abby Creek Art said...

Really great book, Michele!

iHanna said...

Oh, what a beautiful little things you've created! Love the bird drawings and that it is on a typewriter manual, that is fun!