Friday, August 20, 2010

For the Birds

are you?

I've been working on lots of birds l
ately. I know they've been done and they are a bit overdone...but I really enjoy them. I like how this one looks as though it's glowing.

I worked on m
aking my own gesso yesterday. I used to make it regularly and I had so many issues with cracking that I stopped. I thought I would give it another try. Needless to say it was an epic fail.

I'm not going to give up on it though. I h
ave lots of ideas for some new work, and the pre-made gesso just isn't going to work for this.

If you've never dr
awn, or painted, on hand made gesso I highly suggest you do so. It creates a truly beautiful surface to work on.

Well, it's feeling
a bit fall like today. a little peek into what's to come. I love it. Hope everyone has a good weekend :)


Michelle Brunner said...

Love the bird! I have a thing for birds also even though it seems like they are very popular!

I have never made my own gesso..I will have to look into that!

Have a great weekend:)

Janice La Verne said...

Michele... keep posting about the handmade gesso, I want to know when it works...

I love the birds, I think they are beautiful...