Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No Words

I don't really have any words today.

It's been so hot, but the clouds
are moving in, and I'm hoping it cools off a bit.

Hope everyone is keeping cool
and happy :)


Jennifer DeDonato said...

your art in these pictures is wonderful...so wonderful. Heat is awful here 105 today...yuck!

Janice La Verne said...

hi Michele!

Happy Birthday, I think birthdays last 30 days on each side...
I like these pieces a lot!


Michele Maule said...


Thanks Janice! I agree with that. I was just thinking of you this morning while I was making coffee. I thought, "It's been too long since I've seen Janice on the interwebs."

Hope you're well :)

Megan Chapman said...

Everything always feels so happy and fresh here, no matter what the temperature..

I like it here.

Michele Maule said...

Thanks Megan :)

ching said...

oh i like your new painting so much!

I could feel the happiness from your painting.:)