Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall is in the air


The last few days have really felt like Fall. I love it!

The leaves are turning and it's been much cooler outside.

You can always tell it's getting closer to Fall when you start seeing spiders everywhere.
Every year these spiders come out and make webs on anything and everything they can.
Some of them are smallish, and some of them get pretty large.

They make walking around my neighborhood a bit scary sometimes. Especially, in the morning. Several times I've been running and run right into the webs that hang over sidewalks.

I run in the street now...

Well, it just started raining and I'm hunkering down with a cup of tea.
Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.

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apt3 design said...

Eww..spiders! But your little doggie is looking so cute. :) Enjoy the rain, Michele (congrats on making Etsy front page yesterday, too).