Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh My.

It's been too long.
I've been so very busy working and working on art stuffs.

I'm ready for a vacation to the Oregon coast!
Yeah, that's not going to happen for quite some time... ;)

I have some exciting news! I received two copies of Craft-In. The book in which I created the cover for. Good news for you is that I am giving one of my copies away!

This is a truly great little gift book. It is actually 12 little books contained in a very cute box. all of the books are about a craft that you can do with a small group of friends. I am in love with the Pet Portrait Embroidery booklet, the terrarium booklet, and the cute little crochet cactus (I wish I knew how to crochet!)

I've been trying to come up with a really awesome give away game, and I think I finally came up with one. I've been thinking about my grandmother quite a bit lately and missing her quite a bit.

My grandmother meant so much to me and I have many many great memories of her. One of my most favorite memories was making cookies with her. My absolute favorite cookie to make was her Sally Shoppers Pig Out Cookies.

They are basically graham crackers with hot toffee poured over them and milk chocolate chips melted on top of them. Oh! With peanuts, or walnuts, sprinkled on top.... oh my goodness, my mouth is watering as I type!

anyway, she would always let me sprinkle on the chocolate chips (and sneak a small handful into my mouth.) She always let me eat the first one as soon as they cooled too.

So what I would like for you to do is share your most favorite memory with your grandmother, or mother.

The give away will end on Friday at 7pm and I'll announce the winner the same night! The winner will be picked randomly from a name picked from a bowl.

I'm looking forward to reading all of your sweet stories. :)


Sleepandhersisters said...

This looks like a very very handy little set of books... (love the cover).

I used to love sitting around the kitchen table at my Grandmothers house in Auckland during the school holidays playing games of scrabble and then chatting about stuff... I felt so grown up. I miss her lots... x

Briana said...

My favorite memory with my grandma is eating sugar sprinkled peach slices and watching the Wizard of Oz on television with her.

Sweet Mess said...

I love that cover!

I have a favorite memory of picking wild blueberries with my sister and grandmother on a teensie tiny island on the lake my grandparents had a summer cottage on. Meanwhile, my grandfather played the saxophone from the shore and it echoed across the lake as we picked blueberries...

thanks for the giveaway!

Karin Grow said...

My favorite time spent with my grandma was when we would bird watch out her kitchen window or when she'd give me a dollar to go down the street and buy some candy.

kristin said...

my grandma on my mom's side had my favorite name ever--grandma kitty lou. if i ever have a girl, that's gonna be her name:)(minus the grandma part!) she used to make concord grape pie and instead of cooking the grapes and passing it through a food mill to expel the seeds, she would cut each grape in half and flick the seeds out to keep some of the body. my mom does it this way and now i do too.
my other grandma just passed this summer. her name was "gramma peggy" and she couldn't cook! but she never made excuses for that. she loved to sew and knit and drink 7and7's and she was quite the looker:) i get my reddish hair and the shape of my hands from her...

Rowena said...

my grandmother helped raise us, so I almost have too many stories to tell about her.

But I think I'll tell about the time my sister and I spent the weekend with her, and she took us to Woolworths (which doesn't exist anymore) where we got a soda at the soda fountain, got ourselves some filmy chiffon scarves (mine orange, my sister's blue) and then came home and she let us stay up and watch Love Boat and Fantasy Island.

I might be combining various weekends into one memory.

Grandma wore black for most of my childhood, as a widow, and her wool coats, and her old lady handbags, which are now totally in style. She taught me how to crochet and sew , and she made the best arroz con habichuelas in the whole world. 5 people across the country (at least) are attempting to replicate her recipe and can't.

Laural said...

My Grandma used to paint and teach ceramics in her basement. If us grandkids were over, she would always have little "scrap" ceramics so we could paint and create with her!

Peppi Poulain said...

The book looks so beautiful! You really made a special cover :)

My sweetest childhood memory with my dads mum is when she taught me to crochet. She made teeny tiny hoops which turned into pretty pillow covers, curtains and so much more. I cherish the big crocheted bed cover she made for me.

This giveaway is the best!

nacherluver said...

I have a lot of amazing and fond memories with my grandmother from when I was a child. The fondest memory is of more recent past. We would drive 1000 miles to visit her and she would open her arms, call the kids to her, hug them, love them and spend the rest of our visit beaming and smiling while listening to their stories and getting updates on their lives. Her expression showed how she truly loved and was proud of all her grand and great grandchildren. I miss her.

darling savage said...

what a fun book, congrats on the cover!
my fave memory with my oma (grandma in german) is trying to help her write her memoirs about life in germany during the war. we cried + laughed, it was amazing and inspiring.

Katherine Statsenko said...

My favorite memory with my babushka is eating just made warm bread with soft butter on top - sprinkled with sugar. That was my favorite dessert!

When I lived with grandma for 3 years with my parents being half the world away, she always made sure we had fruits, even bananas and oranges wich were very expensive back then for us to afford because they were exotic.

We didn't have a lot of money so my family tried to make the best of it.

Nancy said...

I was never close to any of my grandmothers, but as an only child, I think I have a pretty cool relationship with my mom, we never really fought and I love hanging out with her :)

sloeginfizz said...

This is truly a lovely, lovely book -- most especially because of the cover!

My grandmother was always the one who would come visit me at camp on Parents' Day. She would bring a huge picnic basket filled with all my favorites -- and always a homemade pie. We would sit together on a plaid blanket under the big tree by the lake. The best! AND she taught me that it is better to buy one really great expensive quality item than ten things on sale. ;)

melanie said...

The book looks so great!

My grandmother taught me to play cards, so my favorite memories of her are playing all sorts of card games at her kitchen table. She taught me poker, which adults thought was funny because I was so little, and gin rummy, and a game called 31 (not to be confused with 21), and what a kitty is.

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