Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I wanted to make an apology about the blog give away.
I picked the right person, but I mixed up my stories.

I thought I w
as being very careful when I posted my blog, but in the end I got my stories confused, so I wanted to say that I am sorry. I truly loved all of your memories! They made me smile and remember my grandmother too.

So th
at being said I wanted to introduce you to my newest prints! They are limited edition prints of only 50! :) They're super cute and available in my Etsy shop! :D

I've been in the studio tod
ay, but I am not terribly happy with the work I've been making...so tomorrow I will get back to it with some new ideas and approaches.

Hope you
all are well!


Briana said...

I love these cameras!!! Nice work!
Don't feel too bad about the giveaway stories. We're all only human!
Smiles to you!

nacherluver said...

Love them! Mess up? What mess up?


apt3 design said...

These are cute, Michele! I'm stewing with ideas for paintings and bought some paint but haven't taken the plunge yet...soon. :)