Friday, March 4, 2011

Big announcement!

So...I have a big announcement!

I'll be
announcing this big announcement on Sunday.

ay tuned!


Vagabond Carnival said...

Way to draw the audience in! Can't wait to hear what it is.

Karen Tessandore said...

Hmmm...2 Sundays have come and gone now since the teaser for the big announcement. Are you ok?? Should your blog readers be concerned for you?

Hope all is well and you're just building the suspense. :)

~ k

Karin Grow said...

ditto what Karen said. Hope you're well and can't wait to hear your big news. Karin

Lauren MIrow said...

Hi Michele, My name is Lauren Mirow and I work for Ristretto Roasters. I'm looking for artist to show their work at the 42nd and Fremont location and I love your stuff. I have the months of June and August open if you would be interested. My email is Hope to hear from you!

Lauren Scheuer said...

Michele -- just found your blog through-- well - I totally can't remember. Consider me a fan!