Thursday, March 24, 2011



Sorry!! OMG. Things have been beyond crazy and nuts.
Nate bought a house, we moved, I got a HUGE wholesale card order, my friend from highschool (whom I haven't seen in 10 years) came for a visit, and I'm moving out of my studio.

Whew! It's been a crazy, crazy, month and honestly I haven't had time to think straight since my last post.

Sorry to worry anyone! I do believe that is the longest I've gone without blogging.

Things are going well though! We're almost unpacked and Chloe loves her new backyard. I am sad to be leaving my studio space...this past year has been really hard on me financially, so I've had to say goodbye. I will be able to keep my press there, and use it when I'd like, so that part makes me very happy.

I'm also kind of excited about working from home. I live within walking distance to work, so I am almost totally car free!

okay, back to it. Next week I am really hoping and wishing to get back to painting!


Anonymous said...

I'm sad you had to give up your studio but sometimes these changes push us in new and exciting direction. I can't wait to see what new inspiration you find!

Mary said...

Shinkes! This is amazing news! Congrats to you both.

Michele Maule said...

Thanks Mary! :)