Thursday, June 2, 2011


Things that made me smile today:

Chloe. always. We bought this cute bench this past weekend, fully intending it for Chloe Bean. I'd love to have it re-upholstered someday. It's super cute, and Chloe instantly jumped up so she could keep an eye on the neighborhood.

My neighbor Caroline. She's about 65, born and raised in Portland. She's about 4' tall but has the biggest laugh and an even bigger personality. We've been going on walks when the weather cooperates, and that always makes me smile.

My hair stylist, Staci. I've been getting my hair cut by her for over 10 years. She always makes my hair look so amazing. I often wish I would run into ex-boyfriends after getting my hair done, by her. I never do ;)

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Ruca said...

Just stumbled on your site. Love the shots of Chloe. She made me smile too. And your paintings are terrific. Muito bom!

Tchao-wow from Portugal