Saturday, October 22, 2011

Not so sad.

Not so sad.
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Chloe is recovering well. The incision is healing, so that means it's very itchy.

The vet sent her home with a plastic e-collar and she really didn't like it. She would run into things when wearing it, and I think it scared her. She would just end up standing there, in one place, even when bribed with treats.

So, seeing as I am a working gal, and I can't stay home to keep my eye on her, I needed an anti scratching solution.

a friend suggested an inflatable collar so I ran out to get one. She's still not a fan, but at least she will walk around, drink water, and take a nap.

We've got about a week and a half to go before the stitches come out! Let's hope it goes by quickly.


melanie said...

When my munchkin, Violet, got spayed, she did that same thing when wearing the plastic collar - she stayed in one place and wouldn't move, even when we called her and offered treats. She was very young then, of course, and still stayed in a little playpen when I was working, but the dog walker assured me that when he came to walk her, she wasn't in the same position as before. So I am convinced that some of her not-moving was her being extra dramatic for me, and when I was gone she wasn't thrilled but managed. So, hopefully Chloe will be the same way!! And if/when you have to leave her for little bits, she'll be like, ok what's next now I can do my thing!

Michele Maule said...

thanks for the reassurance Melanie! I worry so much when I'm not here... you're right though, she does realize she can do her thing, and she does.