Thursday, January 19, 2012

Old Friends

I have been having a very full, yet very satisfying day.

I got my hair did this morning by my friend Staci who has been doing my hair for the past 12 years. Yes, she's that good. If you live in Portland and need a good stylist, let me know, I'll give you her contact info.

I also went and had tea with another old friend. She's known me since I was 17 and although we lost touch for a very long time, we finally reconnected today! She has the sweetest little dog named Mo, whom I am going to paint a picture of.

Mo is such a great little dog, and I am so happy I get to paint her. Jane's son found her in an In N' Out parking lot in California. Not being able to find the owner inside, and not being able to find a no kill shelter, he decided to pay the extra money and fly her back to Portland with him.

Jane was skeptical at first, but on the ride home from the airport she quickly fell in love and decided to keep her. I can see why. She is such a little bundle of energy and love. I'm looking forward to painting her!


Alex said...

Mo looks adorable! And such a great rescue story! I love illustrating dogs, just did one for a neighbor. Can't wait to see how your painting of Mo turns out :)

Michele Maule said...

Thanks Alex!