Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I've been working on these dog portraits for the past week or so.

I like how they're coming out and I've enjoyed working in black and white. It helps me remember all those tonal/monochromatic paintings I had to do in my first year painting and design classes.

It's been a bit refreshing and I forgot how important those paintings were in the beginning.

Those painting and design classes could be so boring. I remember many of the students in my classes were frustrated and bored with so many of the assignments, myself included.

We all thought we knew so much about art, and if we could just be free to make whatever we wanted, we could show our professors just how great we were.

What we didn't know was that those lessons would weed out the serious students from the not so serious students. Those lessons were also the building blocks to making art and without them we would most likely be lost.

I feel like most of my life has been like that. I know everything, only years later figure out that I really had no clue. It still happens to me to this day. I have a feeling it will be a continued pattern in my life. I'm okay with that.

anyway, I feel like I might be rambling.

Well,  I'm not totally done with these portraits yet, but I feel like I'm off to a good start. 


Karla said...

They are lovely. Can;t wait to see them when they are finished!

Michele Maule said...

Thank you, Karla!