Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let's go. Let's Fall in Love. Let's Toss Our Cares away. Forever.

I started to feel very upset, overwhelmed and over worked today. I couldn't get my camera to upload some photos and I sorta kinda lost my composure. Tears, and anger, and lots of swearing.

I felt like running away. I just wanted to drive and drive forever. I felt tired of schedules, deadlines and the general day in and day out of everday. I wanted to feel that new love feeling for something. I wanted to just leave everything behind and toss every little care/worry away. 

Done. I think.
I managed to pull myself together. Finished cleaning the house. Took Chloe for a walk. Took many deep breaths and realized how ridiculous I was being. It is easy to get to this point. I've been working a lot and not getting the best sleep. Not a good combo.

More of this.
I sat down at my desk and thought, "How can I run away, feel that feeling when you first fall in love and AND (big and) toss my cares away?"

Well, I just started tearing and gluing and painting and making marks. It's quite amazing how 2 hours and a box of scrap paper can make me feel so much better. It really is the little things.

I want to make more of these collages. I used to make so many when I was in school. I loved it. I love finding that perfect piece that just makes the piece. I love gluing and tearing and making marks with my pencil. I need to do more. So much more.


Tamara said...

I just love your work SO much!! Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing your talent!!!

Michele Maule said...

Yay! Thanks Tamara.
I'm glad to provide inspiration. :)

Carmen said...

Hi Michele,
I've been there before, I know what you mean. Glad you found something to get you excited again. You are an amazing artist. Thanks for sharing.