Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Office!

Oh my, I am in love with my new office.

Working in this tiny room seems so much more manageable. I de-cluttered, organized and prettied up the place. It's brighter and much more serene. I have a art making space and a business space. I have a place to be messy and drink coffee, and a space that is pristine and clean.

It's great.

It's amazing how a fresh coat of paint, some shelves and a simple desk can make such a difference. I am a bit afraid that it does look a little too Ikeaish, but I'm thinking of adding a vintage chair and some vintage accents to try to de-Ikeaize it. It's just so easy to go to Ikea and buy simple things and it's so affordable. I'm hoping that over time I can put more of myself into it and make it more personal.

I added my Chloe art collection back in and some art that I've bought over the past few months. I made the valance in the window and unfortunately didn't have enough material to stretch across the entire window. You can see where I added the last bit of material to make it! Opps. I'm okay with it though. Once it gets dark and cloudy outside it will be barely noticeable. I also need to organize my cards. That is going to take a rainy day and lots of coffee.

all in all I'm happy and I like it. Now it's time to make some work. 


Carmen said...

Congratulations, the space looks great. I'm sure it will inspire you to be even more creative.

LittleCanoe said...

Looks great! I have a lot of ikea stuff too, it just makes the most sense sometimes. I love all the white, it's so nice to start with a clean slate. Happy drawing!

Michele Maule said...

Thanks ladies! :)

Blake Mitchell said...

I can see why you're in love with your office. It looks so neat and organized. I just love the pop of colors over your white space. Those banners are absolutely adorable. What made you come up with the design? :)

Sam Jephson said...

Wow, did you manage to create this space on your own? It seems to me like it was conceptualized by professional interior designers. =) From the floor up to the walls, everything looks nice. An office space should be like this, clean and cozy, so you won’t get bored whenever you deal with strenuous tasks.