Friday, September 7, 2012

Office Space

I haven't made art that wasn't a commission in about a month.

I'm also in the middle of trying to update my little office, so it can be more efficient. So, art making is still far off in the distance. But, maybe taking a break from art is a good thing. I'm gathering ideas and editing them. I'm figuring out a more cohesive body of work and I'm trying to find a clearer voice.

 Truthfully, I am excited about updating my little work space! I'm hoping to add another desk and some shelving and a cute window treatment. My goal is to make a work space that is more streamlined, as well as a little more inspiring. I want to feel comfortable and I want my work space to be inviting. I feel like it was getting so crowded and I found myself not wanting to be there.

So here are some pictures of it so far. I still have lots of art to add to the walls and I have some more organizing to do. That Ikea chair has to go too. It's really uncomfortable.

I'll share the after picture as soon as its complete!
 Hope everyone has a good weekend.