Monday, September 10, 2012


Every year PICA produces the Time Based Art event. It's an art event that is mostly based on video installations.

They take over an abandoned high school turning rooms into art installations and the auditorium into a theater. It's a great idea and I've been interested in going for the past few years, but I've never had a chance to go.

Nate and I decided to head over to the school because it was free to wander around, and we were curious. all the other events do cost money - generally between $10-$25. Truth be told, I really thought they could have done more with the rooms in the school. There were only 5 rooms, out of an entire high school, that had installations in them. I was a tad dissapointed. I realize it is free to wander around, and it is more of a video based event, however I feel like more could have been utilized. Especially considering the amount of artists, with a similar aesthetic and voice, that live in this city.

 We were able to explore the building, and we only got locked out once! apparently not all doors were meant to be opened and walked through. a very nice lady saw us and opened the door. 

The school isn't used for anything else, and sits empty the rest of the year. Some of the lighting in it is so beautiful. I kept thinking how cool it would be to turn the entire school into an artist colony. Unfortunately, because of the asbestos I don't think they are legally allowed to have anyone one in the building for long stretches of time... It's really unfortunate. 

I would like to attend some of the films and performances they are showing, before it ends. It seems like a fantasic festival otherwise.

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