Thursday, October 11, 2012



Today I ran 7 miles. I cleaned the house. I took Chloe for two walks, and then I painted.

I worked on this little fox painting for most of the afternoon. The deer painting got a little love, and I'm still trying to come up with something to paint on this little collage I made the other day.

I think the deer painting needs something else. Like, maybe it needs some trees, or some sort of pattern going on in the background. I dunno. It's something I need to think about.

In other news, my good friend sent me her childhood stamp collection with the instructions, "For artistic purposes only."

 It's so cool. Really. I feel like I need to make something so incredibly special with them. Some of them are so beautiful, and they are from all over the world. Maybe I'll share some of my favorites soon.

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Cathy said...

totally and completely smitten with the deer painting. your work is so beautiful!