Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I totally forgot to blog about our pumpkin adventures on Sunday.

Chloe was helping me find the perfect pumpkin.
We decided to head over to Sauvies Island on Sunday, with the dogs. We were hunting pumpkins.

Bri and Carly
Sauvies Island is a weird place. It's a beautiful place. It's just odd how you can drive 10 minutes out of the city and be in the middle of farm country. Literal farm country.

lots o' pumpkins
Nate found a nice one.
Pumpkin farm entrance.
There are a number of pumpkin patches on the island. The first two are always crowded and crazy. We decided to head out a little further to try to avoid all the craziness. It was perfect. There were tons of pumpkins and it was much more quieter.

Volvo full of pumpkins.

friends. kinda.

field of zinnias.
The dogs loved it and Chloe passed out for the rest of the day :) 

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