Friday, February 8, 2013


Holy smokes I hit 2,000 sales on Wednesday!!
Dancing Mountain Cat knows we can achieve our dreams with a little hard work.

Wow! It's hard to imagine that I've done it. It's hard to imagine all those handwritten thank you notes! I really wasn't sure if I would make it there. It's taken me almost 6 years to get there and I really worked those last 1,000 sales.

 Things have become unbelievably slow the past year. I've enjoyed making all the new things I've been creating the past few months and I was so confident that others would enjoy it too. However, that doesn't seem to be the case, and my Etsy sales have been barely covering the cost of my supplies these day. It could always be worse, I know that, but it's been discouraging to say the least.

I've been brainstorming more wholesale opportunities and I'm really hoping to get into more stores this year. I've talked to two card reps that I've worked with at my day job for years. They've both offered to rep my cards for me and I feel like maybe I'm ready for that. They do take a percentage, but I'm thinking that maybe it might be worth it. I want to think about it a little longer before I make that decision...

I took this week off from work to work on some new card illustrations and just catch up a little. I've been able to focus on creating. This whole week I've been filled with that feeling of this is what I WANT to do with my life. That feeling of this is what I NEED to do with my life.

One day I know it will happen. I just know it! I just need to work a little harder and a little longer.


Sarah said...

First of all - congratulations on your 2000th! SO exciting.
I recently hit that milestone too (in about 6 years as well) and have been having a lot of the same concerns/troubles you mention in this post. I have gotten so frustrated that the new items I love to make - the ones that feel less like 'work' and more like 'art' - are the ones that have been least popular in my shop! I too have been thinking about wholesale and how it's probably best to focus on the 'product-y' best-sellers and streamlining my production. New wholesale accounts are on my to-do list as well!

Good luck with your business decisions! You're not the only one in this boat! :) Your work is so incredible, any rep would be super lucky to have you as a client!

Michele Maule said...

Thank you so much, Sarah :) I'm going to go check out your work.