Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I took a bit of a break from blogging. I've been doing a lot of thinking.
I'm not really sure where I want to go with this blog and I don't really want to just keep writing about myself.

One of the first paintings I ever sold on Etsy was this one.
I still don't really know what, or where, I'm going with this. That's okay. I feel like I'm hashing some things right now, and that's okay too. That's a good thing.

I have been feeling like I've been in hibernation mode for the past few months. I don't want to go anywhere, or do anything. I started to feel like maybe I was coming out of it last week, but then today happened and I just want to hole up inside my house. Today has been non-stop rain and it's cold. I have no motivation to do anything but nap and drink tea.

Fall of 2007
I really wanted to get some new work done today, and I was able to get a test print done, but that feel like the extent of my creativeness today.

In other news, it's my 6 year Etsy anniversary. I can't believe it's been six years since I opened my shop. So many things have happened. There have been numerous ups and downs. My work has changed and continues to change so much. I spent about an hour today looking through my old work, and come of the first things I listed on Etsy.

Winter of 2008

Those first listings were so bad. It's a wonder I ever sold anything. Really.

Well, here I am 6 years later. Still listing (when I'm motivated), still blogging (sometimes) and still making art (the important thing).

I want to keep making art. Forever. That is the one thing about my life that I've always known, and never questioned. 

I am having a sale in my shop today through Thursday to celebrate my 6 years of sticking to one thing. 36% off everything in my shop until Friday at midnight :)

This will be my last sale until November, so be sure to scoop up some pretties for your house while you can!

Summer of 2008. One of my all time favorite typewriter paintings.
My shop can be found here:


Jennifer Johansson said...

Congratulations on 6 years! Your work continues to inspire me.

Carmen said...

Congratulations, keep it up.

jessicajane said...

i believe I've been following your work for almost all of those 6 years! And I think the same thing when I look at my old stuff :) I went through the same thing, but it was because I was unhappy with my marriage and for about 2 years I disappeared. I went and got a job, where I met a woman who told me in the midst of my divorce, "whatever you do, travel as much as you can, and never stop making your art." That's something I still hold very close to me.

Kaija said...

Congratulations! I find that it's often better to take time off blogging than to keep up with regular blogging just for the sake of keeping up with a schedule. I know that I'll be here reading your wonderful posts no matter how often you blog :)