Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Some New Things

I've been working on some new pieces for my featured artist of the month spot at Crafty Wonderland next month.This new series focuses on native Oregon animals and insects.

So far my list includes:
Red Vole
North American Pica
Pygmy Rabbit
Grey Wolf
Grey Fox
White Tail Deer
Leona's Little Blue Butterfly (I love that name!)
Western Meadow Lark
Spotted Owl
Sasquatch (of course!)

I think I'm almost done with this series. I just have to wait for some paint to dry, and then I'm hoping to make some prints of these pieces.

If you happen to be in Portland for the month of August, you should stop by the Crafty Wonderland shop! They sell mostly local artists and there are some seriously cute, and awesome, things there. They're located at 808 SW 10th Ave, right across from the library.

In other news it's really hot here. 92 degrees. Good for quickly drying paint. Not so great for sleeping. Here's hoping to a break in the heatwave soon!

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