Wednesday, August 28, 2013

 I've been thinking about cards a lot lately. They seem to be a great source of income for me so I'm going to keep making them. Sounds logical, right?

I think the typewriter would make such a cute little sticker.
Last week I got to thinking about how I can help my cards stand out from the rest. Instead of thinking about the front of the card, I turned my attention to the back. Right now the back of my card is a bit lack lustre. It's just my name, website, the year and that it's made in Portland. Not a lot going on. So, I thought, why not dress it up a little, make it a bit more personal and eye catching.
I might go with this one...

I made a series of little logos that might look cute on the back. I worked on this a little bit more today and I think I've got something I like. I think it will cost a little bit more to make, but I'm okay with that. I think I might make some labels with the other images I've got. They'd look cute on packaging!
I really like this one!

 I realized my appreciation for those who do hand lettering for a living. Wow. That is not an easy job.

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