Sunday, November 25, 2007


My friend Angie has a blog now!
You should visit hers.

This is her with Mikey at one of our favorite breakfast retaurants, Junior's. They have really good food and coffee.

We put up our Christmas tree today along with some other decorations.
So now our apartment looks nice and festive.

I am almost ready to post some paintings on my Etsy.
I think taking pictures and posting the items is the most un-fun part of selling on Etsy.
I wish I could just hit a re-list button, but it's kinda hard to do that when you have original paintings... was a good day. Oh! We went to this practically abandoned mall this morning. It's really weird. There is a JCPenny's, Sears, Kohl's, and a Macy's there. Then there are a handful of other stores, but the majority of the shops are closed. Just empty with some signage. It's really strange. There is a food court, but only one pizza place remains. There aren't a lot of people at this mall either. It's strange. It's like being in that movie Dawn of the Dead...

OK...we bought Chloe a nice red sweater last night. She gets really confused when we put it on her, but she looks festive! It's a little big, but seeing how she is growing so fast she'll probably fit into it in a few weeks. We also got her this thing called a Bully Stick which we promptly re-named the Crack Stick because if it's not in her mouth she's scouring the apartment for it. So if you have dogs, I highly recommend Bully Sticks. It keeps them entertained for HOURS.


K. Trinks said...

i love that sweater, her facial expression is so dignified! i need some paperwork done, is she for hire?

angie said...

i dont know how to add links to my blog. i am a dork.

i want the side thingie that you have with links to others' blogs....

Michele Maule said...

It's a weird process but once you figure it out it's easy.

You have to go to your dashboard thingy on your page. Once you select that you can choose edit layout. Then click on your links section. Then you just copy and paste the URL into the little http: section.