Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snowy Weekend

So we're going to get 3-8 inches of snow tonight.
It's weird. We were out and about doing errands this morning and everyone was talking about it like it was the apocalypse. This is Michigan right? I thought that this was pretty common here.

Well anyway, maybe Michael won't be able to go to school tomorrow and we can spend two days hanging out!

It's really cold out right now. My computer says it 21 degrees out...brrrrr.

We went to this really cute French cafe this morning for coffee. They have wonderful pastry chefs who make the most beautiful treats you've ever laid eyes on...mmm...French treats. That was fun. Then we went to Borders and it was insane! The line was soooo long.

*side note* Michael is on iTunes right now searching for Christmas music. Every 15 seconds I get to hear a fraction of another Christmas song. Fun stuff.

Alright. Oh I forgot to mention that I was offered to be in a group show this February in Ohio. It's called Pink Milk Studio. She has an Etsy shop:

She also has a website:
it's under construction right now, but you can kinda get an idea about it :)

I am really excited about this. Now all I have to do is find something to inspire me! I just don't know what I really want to paint at this point.

We leave for my mom's house in Pennsylvania next Friday. I am worried about the weather. I hope it's good. I'm also worried about how Chloe is going to manage being in a car for 12 + hours. My plan is to have a plenitude of Bully Sticks and treats on hand. Hopefully she'll just sleep the whole way. I can't wait for my family to meet her.

Another side note. I REALLY want to see that movie Juno. I've been waiting for it to come out for so long...It has Michael Serra in it. The kid that played George Michael on Arrested Development. That show is absolute genius and if you haven't seen it, rent ALL of them. The show was canceled a few years ago, after only three seasons because I guess it was all too genius for the average American public. I had my wisdom teeth pulled last winter and for three consecutive days I laid on the couch, popped pain killers, and watched all three seasons of Arrested Development. It was awesome.

So maybe we can go see that movie later.
Ok, I promised Kim some more Chloe pictures, so here you go. I love the one where she's in time out...

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angie said...

i love the time out picture! i cant wait to meet chloedogger!