Monday, December 17, 2007

So Very Sleepy...

I feel so tired...
Not really in the mood for writing.
Chloe has really stinky farts right now...yuck. I wonder if dogs are embarrassed of tooting.
Lucy, my neighbors Bulldog is embarrassed to poo in front if people. She goes way out, and turns around so you can't see.

Anyway, it's freakin cold out. The low is going to be 19 degrees tonight. Ouch. I am so glad I have a nice toasty apartment, and that I am not homeless.

There is 10 inches of snow on the ground right now. I just want to hibernate until March. I wish I was a bear, or possibly a squirrel or something that hibernates all winter.

I got the best feedback ever today on my Etsy! She's a wonderful artist and customer! Her name is Megan Chapman. I'll do a special post later about her. I have to get Chloe's Dinner ready, and mine too. I think I'll attempt chicken tacos tonight. Mike's mom sent us a three pack of Tillimook cheese this weekend! One of the flavors is Pepper Jack. I am personally not a huge fam of pepper jack, but Tillimook has THE best. I still can't believe you can't get Tillimook cheese here. Well, actually I can...

Here's a picture of lemons. Lemons remind me of Southern California, warm weather, and Kim's back yard when we were in high school.

Alright. Happy Monday!


Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Michele...those last pictures of Chloe are so adorable. What a little Christmas gift she is!

And hey...congrats on your amazing sales on Etsy. I've been watching and you are on a roll, woman!

Joy Logan said...

LOL,my dog toots and then acts like it wasn't him. I LOVE catching dogs pooping as I drive by or walk by,they crack me up all the styles.

angie said...

michele, can you send me your address again...i threw away your envelopes with it on them....cause thats the way i roll i guess!