Monday, December 10, 2007

Some New Work

I got a lot of work done today. Very proud of myself.
It's been a very productive day. Mike took Chloe to school with him while I went on my run this morning. He ran her around outside a bit, so she was asleep almost all morning. Oh it was so nice...then after I gave her lunch, I took her out in the back area and ran her around a little, so she was zonked out all afternoon too. She's sleeping on my lap right now...

Etsy sales have been pretty slow this week...I think I really need to get my shop in shape.
I think it looks too random. So my goal is to make it look a little more unified.

I love the paintings that I am working on right now. I will have to sell them for a little more in my shop, but if they don't sell that's ok with me. I've decided that I would like to continue paintings similar paintings for the Fresh Pot show in Portland in April. Whatever doesn't sell I can use in the Fresh Pot show.

Speaking of April. I am really thinking about going to NYC for my Spring Break. My friend Butch, from Portland, who drove with us out to Michigan, then continued on to NYC lives there. Wow, that sentence needs some work. Anyway, he lives there with his girlfriend who is going to film school right now. They live in Williamsburg, which I guess is hipster central.
Anyway, he said that if I would ever like to come stay for awhile, they have a spare bedroom that I could stay in. So, I'm thinking I might go hang out there for a week in April. That would be so fun. I'll see what happens, and I'll think about it, but I think it's a great opportunity.

Okie. That's about it for today

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