Sunday, January 13, 2008



Homework = not much fun.

So I've been working on this design project the last couple of days. Graphic design homework is so far from drawing or design homework. In basic design when the professor tells you to do 24 sketches, you just do 24 sketches. It takes maybe 30 minutes to an hour. When a graphic design instructor tells you to do 24 sketches you don't just do sketches. You measure, you mask, you use takes more like 3-4 hours.

Oddly enough, it's really satisfying to me. I guess it's because I love to organize, and plan, and have everything tidy. Which is really weird, because if you've ever seen my studio or the way I create my paintings, you'd never guess that I was a neat freak. I guess that's how I keep sane. I have that one outlet to be completely unorganized and messy.

I also like the graphic design work because it almost feels like you get to make stuff using office supplies. I've always wanted to make art just using office supplies. It seems so contained and streamlined. MMmmmm...organization.....

I got a lot of work done for my upcoming show today too. I'll take some photos and post them tomorrow. I am pretty happy with them so far. I've been really exploring illustration in them. I have been itching to just draw and illustrate little aspects of my life. It's been fun. I forgot how much I really just like to draw, and drawing is so much like speaking a foreign language. If you don't practice you tend to forget and never improve.

Which brings me to another topic. In my class on Wednesday almost everyone came out and said they couldn't draw. That they thought it would be a computer class and that they don't have any drawing skills. I really don't like when people say they can't draw. Everyone can draw. It just takes practice and some people pick it up quicker than others. Like I said it's like a foreign language or math. I can draw, but that's only because I practice and I've taken a million drawing classes. It's not like I could draw portraits when I was have to learn. I've worked really hard and put a lot of years in, to be able to paint, draw, and print, it isn't just a matter of talent.

Ok. That's my little rant. :)
I'll explain my photos. That's Angie and me at my first craft fair, and the older lady I am talking to was my first customer that day! I had an awesome day that day. I met really cool people and had great sales.

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