Monday, January 14, 2008


So these are the paintings that I have been working on over the last few weeks.

They are works in progress...

There isn't enough light in my apartment to get a good picture, so please forgive the graininess and the slight blur.

That's about all I gots for today. It's cold and a little snowy today.
Pretty much a good day to stay inside paint, drink tea, and do some California dreamin'.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday.


Megan Chapman said...

Nice works!
The one with the milk jar? is HOT!!!
Keep up the good works.

Janice La Verne said...

great paintings. your blog was the first one i ever visited via etsy when i found your shop. i had no idea what a blog was (being age 55 and not having computers the first 4 decades of living). Anyway, I started a blog too, mostly to talk with my sister who is all the way in Vermont. I'm an artist too, currently working on a zillion little paintings on those paper coasters you find under your drink. I hope someday they hang in a large group from a ceiling! It's a good project because they are small and my studio is in transition. We just moved. Isn't painting the best... sigh...
bye, Janice LaVerne, Eugene, Oregon

Factory Supervisor said...

hello, i found my way here via a comment you left on megan's blog;
so i thought i would say hello.

i very much love your first painting on this post (of what appears to be polaroid photographs hung on a washing line)

Megan Chapman said...

There was one with a milk jar... I am not going crazy am I?

Anyway, I love reading your blog and I completely love your work.
Hope all is well.

Michele Maule said...

The milk jar is there...and I have to agree with you. It is very hot. :)Sometimes blogger takes awhile to display the image.

Yeah I am overall pretty pleased with them. I think visually they are really successful. I am just having a hard time connecting with them. I've basically just been finding images that I find aesthetically pleasing, and then deciding if I would like to draw it. There isn't really any deep connection with the image other than, "Oh that looks like it would be really fun to draw..."

But it's keeping me working and like I said I think they are turning out really successful.

Thanks for all the great feedback!
I really really really appreciate it.