Thursday, January 10, 2008

No Talk

I have laryngitis and I can't talk today. I can, but I sound like a cross between a frog and a ninety year old smoker.

Not a lot going on today. I went to the gym, but stayed far away from the Crunchmaster 3000. It was calling my name...but I resisted. My abs finally feel normal again, and coughing and laughing no longer send me into tears :)

I tried to get some work done today...I did manage to get some drawings on some panels, but I just can't seem to find anything that I really want to draw/paint. I never realized how much I loved have a studio until now. It just seems so much harder to get work done when you are working in the same place you eat and sleep. Plus you have to clean up after yourself every time you make a mess. Only a year and a half left. Just a year and a half....

I did find this really amazing blog. I am not sure what the story is behind it. It seems like there are two friends that live far apart from each other. Every morning for a year they took a picture then post them side by side on the blog. There are some really beautiful shots. I love the simplicity of their photos..

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angie said...

hay again,
could you have mikey ask his friend about that midwife situation? asap? puhleaaase! that would be swell.

did she deliver at home?