Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Day!

Ok so it wasn't a REAL snow day...but I didn't go to school.
It was snowing, and school is far, and there are parts of the road that are scary to drive on at night...so I didn't go. I stayed home and made some little books. Michael made these panels for me that have 5 inch sides. I decided that they are too thick but would make great little boxes. Then I thought they would be really cool if the boxes held little books. Genius.

I got started on my Fresh Pot show too. That's going well. I also started to make some new paintings for my Etsy shop. So a very productive day was had.

It's amazing how much free time I have when I don't have a ton of graphic design homework.

My paintings arrived at the Papercuts and Gluesticks Gallery safe and sound! All the artists in this show are women. How cool is that? Kari, the owner and curator has a great blog. I love her banner! I need to design one for my blog..
Anyway, I should be doing some homework...and eating pizza...mmm....


Janice La Verne said...

i will be excited to see the show, and hope it will be posted soon on your friend's blog (which i enjoyed). after my long day at work i want to paint, but too tired. so, reading about art online is a good substitute.

We are at the place in "Lost" where they escape from the island... it's getting exciting.

a good evening to you... Janice

angie said...

i miss you very much. i wish we could run into eachother at the bipart....i miss that.