Sunday, February 10, 2008


Well another weekend goes by.
I got a lot of work done. Mostly homework. Michael got the panels for my next show finished and I got those all gessoed up today. It was a productive weekend. I did feel a bit lonely and homesick...but what can you do?

Chloe was better, but puppy training class this weekend upset her stomach again. We just had Georgia over and that made her get sick too. I am positive that it's stress related. Poor baby. I just don't really know what to do other than expose her to more dogs and bring her more places. I hope it goes away as she gets older.

I ordered 6 prints today. Eeee! They should be here at the end of the week....
We'll see how things go. Alright. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Michele, hope Chloe is feeling ok now. She probably will get better with time and more exposure to new things. I think puppies can have very sensitive nervous systems sometimes.

Back to your post on prints...I would definitely try selling prints on Etsy but my experience tells me that buyers there like originals. You are definitely making a presence for yourself there you should probably also raise your prices a little over time. It IS a site where you have to price things much lower than a gallery...but the exposure is great. You might also try Ebay...some established Artists there do really well.

Can't wait to get your painting!:)