Friday, April 25, 2008



I have been trying to draw/paint something for the last 3 hours. Nothing is happening.
It's so frustrating. I just want to get something. Anything. Done. I feel like I haven't really made anything for the last week.

I know.
Maybe I should take a break...but I am in that mind set where I want to work. I want to make something. But nothing is happening. It is so frustrating.

My drawings all look like poop.
The gouache is misbehaving. I need a new play list. Blerg.

I gotta do something........................


Megan Chapman said...

I am not going to say give yourself a break or cut yourself some slack again, because that has been done and played.
But I will say:
Watch a movie, take a nap,"pop out" my play list on myspace.... anything to shake you up and get you in a different headspace.

Don't want it so bad and it will come back to you.

Can't force the magic...nope.

PS. I saw your baby chair painting today at the DDP- Too sweet and too awesome! : )

Michelle C. Moode said...

i have had a couple of bad non-working days recently too...where i am literally sick of my work. and in a teeny studio apartment, its sort of hard to "get away" from the projects. i try doing something totally un-me, like drawing a dragon. on rollarskates.

and i'm so over my computer. its boring too.

i thought of you last week...i did a demo for my class, and made a couple of typewriter plates. don't worry, I have no intention of posting the prints on etsy. i may organize a typewriter print exchange/exhibition sometime (or someday)....something about text & image & object....


Michele Maule said...

Thanks ladies! :)

I went for a run...then made food, then went to Rite Aid to satisfy my sugar addiction. I am feeling better, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow to get started again.

Michelle, you made me laugh with your dragon drawing. And it is hard getting away from work, when you are in constantly forced to look at it. I mean it's there...always there...I wake up and look to my right...and it's there...literally.

New York is only a few weeks away.
Then I can really get away from it.

Art Kitten said...


glad you are doing better, your post made me laugh because I can so relate to it right now. I worked today (I am a substitute teacher) and was trying to sketch during down time (which because it was a high school art class, was most of the time) and hated every single thing I sketched. So blerg from me too.

Victoria said...

This always happens now and then and is ever so frustrating. Drives me crazy. Having said that, I think your work is incredible and I bet I would even love the stuff you think looks like poop!