Monday, April 7, 2008

Cupacke Love

I am making cupcakes, so I have to make this quick.
I am notorious for burning everything...I just get too distracted.

Anyhow. Truck is still outta commission and I think it's going to cost my first born to fix. Awesome!

Um. I tried to ride my bike to Kinkos and had to dodge about a gazillion broken bottles. Why do people break bottles on the sidewalk? Really? Where is that going to get you?

I went for a run today. It felt really good. I could feel myself getting really tense, anxious and stressed out, and a nice hard run changed everything. And I only got honked at once! I try to dress really dumpy when I go jogging, but I always seem to get at least one honk. Why do people do that? Why do people yell out the window at you too? Why?

My show is up! Jeremy says it looks awesome. So hopefully I will get some sales.

My mom had major back surgery today. She's ok. I called her. She's on morphine right now, and her she was talking with a little bit of a slur. She is still in a lot of pain, but at least she is alive :)

That's all I got! I gotta go get my cupcakes before they burn!!!!


Art Kitten said...

mmmm cupcakes...

I am glad your mom is doing ok, and hope that the recovery goes smoothly as well.

Art Kitten said...

Also this painting reminds me of Frida Kahlow

Margins. said...
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Margins. said...

Yes, hard-core runs are the best way to let it all out.

And I have no clue why people think it's a good idea to honk/yell out their window.

We should run around with a horn in hand and honk back if ever it happens again. See what happens.

Also, I'm glad your mom's doing alright. I'm sending over happy thoughts. :)

(PostScript): I was the one who deleted the comment because I am anal and couldn't handle the spelling error I found. And of course, now there's a remnant of it.

Ah geez.