Sunday, April 6, 2008


It's here.

It was so nice today. It reached all the way up to 59 degrees and the sun was out in full effect.

Michael's birthday ended up being really fun too. We have a big fire pit in the back of our house, and all our neighbors came out and we drank beer and and toasted smores. Awesome.

I have been working working working. Michael made these beautiful panels made from red oak. I didn't have the heart to completely paint them. The surface and the texture is absolutely gorgeous, so I partially painted them. I love painting the steal bridge, and the 405 water tower...but I get kinda bored doing it sometimes. This was a nice change, and although I think they might look a little Urban Outfitters, I am pretty pleased as to how they turned out. I almost didn't finish them because I thought they looked a little bit too much like "hipster art", but Michael told me to stop being ridiculous and just go for it. So I did.

The other paintings are slow going. I didn't realize that I left the marble dust that I need for making gesso in the truck. The same truck that is still in the Tomorrow I am going to get a good start on them.

Overall a great weekend :)


Megan Chapman said...


"Stop being ridicules"...Right on Michael- Listen to your Mister!

These ROCK!

Sounds like a great weekend.

Keep it up- you inspire me!

Janice La Verne said...

it amazes me how you can draw such complicated architectural structures so well. things with straight lines never exactly make sense to me. is this artistic dyslexia? the figure with all it's curves and flora with their odd shapes seem to come out of my writing implement with much more ease. so, the purpose of that run-on sentence was to say wow...

i have to go to work in the morning. it's hard to let go of the freedom of the weekend...

i want a smoore... oh dear i'm whining! Janice

Anonymous said...
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erinpetersonart said...

I used to have a Boston Terrier named Paddy. She was awesome.
Good times.

Art Kitten said...

Chloe looks SO cute in this picture (jealousy starts to kick in!) I love the new paintings, I know what you mean about too hipster ;) but don't worry, they aren't. They are beautiful, simple clean line images. Also thank you for all your advice about printers in the forums :)