Friday, July 18, 2008

C O M M U N i T Y

Yay for community!

I never really thought about community and what it means until I worked for New Seasons.
New Seasons is a locally owned grocery store that strives to proved local produce and products to the community. They want to create a store that not only provides groceries for the neighborhood, but also support the community by creating jobs and supporting local farms and food peeps. New Seasons really stress the idea of knowing where your food comes from and learning about the people that provide it.

Bringing people together through food! It's a wonderful way to connect with people and learn about each other.

And with that I would really like to introduce a fellow Etsy peep's newest endevor a cookbook that provides receipies from all of your favorite Etsy sellers :) JJM Finance has compiled a cookbook that features Etsy sellers best recipies :) What better way to bring a community of artists together than through food! Yay!!

The cookbook Sharing Recipies...Sharing Life not only provides some really great recipies, but also stories behind the recipies. I am really happy that he decided to do this. I love being a part of the Etsy community, and I think that this is a wonderful way to take part in that.

After reading the intro to this book I really started to think about community and about this little internet community that I have been taking a part in. I have come to the realization that there is a really amazing community that exsists through the internets, and without it it would be really difficult to make a living and share our work with so many people.

One of the things that I miss most about Portland is it's strong community, especially within the art scene. It's a really tight knit group of people where everyone pretty much knows everyone, and I really miss that. However, with the internets I still feel like I am part of a really great, talented, group of people and that makes me feel a little less lonely :)

Alright...I am going to go see if I have all the ingrediants for AnnieRexic's easy vegan apple crisp :) Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Janice La Verne said...

hi michele,

i loved this post. i have been blessed in my life with community. there is the lesbian community and surrounding that the gay community. there is my artist community which was feeling kinda sketchy until i started doing this internet thing also. i'm also blessed with a circle of old, close, work buddies who i love. and other little communities... the greyhound folks, and my neighbors at the coast. i am so lucky.

and... as the first person i ever reached out to in the art internet, i consider you community. your blog gives that gift to many.

hooray for community, you inspired me!