Monday, July 21, 2008

Early Blog

I thought I would post an early blog today.
Change it up a little.

I was very productive this weekend. Lots of work done.

I am so close to finishing my paintings for my upcoming shows...very exciting and I can't wait to post them up for everyone to see.

I finally watched both the Godfather and the Godfather II and let me just say I feel more connected with my Italian American roots. haha :)

Just kinda spent the weekend at home. Michael got some work done for his upcoming figure drawing class, Chloe napped, and since they cut down all the trees on the side of our yard, we now get a lot of light in our apartment, so I was able to get a good picture of Heather Blackwell's painting.

Jenipher at Cherry-Runway asked me to do a blog interview for her, and of course I said yes! So here it is:

Anyway, it's time to Chloe for her walk, and then I am going for a three mile run...
Hope everyone had a good weekend :)


sMacThoughts said...

I read the interview and I have to say that the universe was delivering you (and us, your fans) a great favor by having you offered that cashier position. Wonder how different your life might have been if you'd been offered an assistant manager or manager position?!

Justin said...

Ok, here's another way to connect with your Italian roots. Check out this site and book:


Art Kitten said...

Every time I see that painting it draws me in and makes me want to work on a large scale. It is beautiful.