Friday, January 9, 2009

Four Years!

Today marks our four anniversary!
Michael and I started dating four years today. :D

We went to our friend Angie's Birthday party. Happy Birthday Angie!
We were at Angie's party four years ago playing Bunco. Which is very rare for me. Playing a game with people I don't know. But, I didn't want to seem like a party pooper in front of him, so I decided to join in. At the end of it, we both won all the money and called a cab with our winnings.
Several of the people that were there that night became really good friends of mine. Yay!

In other news! It's almost Valentines day! Well, according to the candy and card companies. This means that once again it's one of my favorite times of year for candy!!

So I bought my first bag of Brach's Conversation hearts today. Not to be confused with the Necco Conversation hearts which pale in comparrison.

Well, it's suppose to snow another 6 inches tonight and tomorrow. Looks like another snowed in weekend. Blerg. Snow.
Hope you all have a wonderful, eventful, relaxing, weekend!


Jaimee said...

Congrats on the Four Years!

And I'll have to try the Brach's Hearts...the Necco ones give me hives...errr! :)

jessicajane said...

awe, happy 4 year anniversary :) Tim and i just had our 4 year anniversary on New Years eve...well thats when we met. But didnt start dating til late January. And for Valentines day he got me new chucks. Haha.

Janice La Verne said...


you make me laugh because i like candy that much too. i love holidays that involve sugar.


Michelle Brunner said...

Congrats on your four year anniversary! I love conversation hearts as well...already gotten a couple of boxes from the store:) I agree, holidays with candy are the best!

tri said...

Happy anniversary! Here's to many more.

I just found the old flyer for the rave Justin and I met at (hahahahaha) and our wedding is almost exactly 10 years later! Just 1 day off (May 8th instead of 9th)!! Amazing - we've been guessing this whole time and saying "early May," but damn, just 1 day off!