Tuesday, January 6, 2009

La La La La

La la la la la la...

Not a lot to say today.
Ran a lot of errands, went to the art supply store, and ate a burrito.

That's about it.

I wish I had buckets of money to buy art supplies with.
Why are they so freakin expensive??
Seriously. I bought three pieces of paper, two pens, and two tubes of paint, and it totaled $45.00!
WTF? Seriously??

Okay, so they weren't your typical paper, pens, and paint. They were pretty high quality items, but when you break it down, well, they were paper, pens, and paint....

Anyway, that's all I got today.
I'll be adding lots of new things this week, so be sure to check it out...

Back to listening to music and watching snow flakes.


tangled sky studio said...

tell me about it...encaustic medium and paints are crazy! they've been playing a new andrew bird song on the radio here...have you heard it? if not check itunes (it's really good!)

Manon Doyle said...

I know how you feel! I was at Blick's today and a few items cost about the same! I am, however, an art store junkie.......can't get enough!

justagirl said...

Part of my job is buying in art supplies for our students and I love being able to buy stuff with someone elses money... and then a few days later a whole lot of boxes arrive full of paint, paper pens, brushes etc... and I get to open them, every day is like Christmas.

I hope you had a good New Years and am looking forward to seeing your new works...

Michele Maule said...

Hey Beth!
I haven't heard the new Andrew Bird. I'll have to check it out on iTunes. I really enjoy his music :D

I Loooove going to the art supply store too Manon Doyle! Especially at home in Portland. Michael use to work at the Utrecht there, so whenever we go in it's like hanging out with friends. We seriously make a day trip out of it because we hang out there for so long.

Lucky girl Katherine! Buying art supplies with other peoples money :)

seth said...

These are 2 cool pieces! You are putting those supplies to good use.