Friday, February 27, 2009

Let's Celebrate!

So in just a few days March will be here.
March is a pretty significant month for me.

March 7 marks my two year anniversary on Etsy (even though I didn't really start selling until the end of October 2007).

March 9th marks Michael's 8 week mark until graduation. Yay!

March 21st is the first day of Spring! Yay! That's something to really look forward to as well.

Anyway, lots of great dates are coming up and I thought it would be a great way to celebrate by having a month long blog give away! Yes, the entire month :D

So...this is how it will work. Starting on Monday, I will post a question, and I will give my answer, and would like for you to leave your answer in the comments section. Every Thursday evening at 7pm, I will draw a name randomly, and announce the winner on Friday! Every week during March.

Sound good? You wanna know what you're playing for? (Hehe...that was my nerdy Survivor Jeff Proust quote...)
You'll be playing for a free 5x7" print :) I'll post the print that is up for grabs every Monday. So, if you're not really into it, you don't have to waste your time with an answer ;)

Well, that's about it. It's a gray cold day here in Pontiac, and I've been listening to the Decemberists and drinking peppermint tea all day....
I seriously can't believe that we are getting down to counting It's keeping me going for sure.

Hope you all have a great, safe, weekend!


justagirl said...

That sounds like a wonderful idea and I know I will be in for every one of them!!! What a good way to celebrate all that is coming up next month.

hope you have a good weekend too...

2DogStudio said...

Yeah! I can't wait to play ;) and oh yes, I have a BD in March too !!!!

tangled sky studio said...

"if you're not really into it"...haha! all your work is awesome michele....i'll be answering those questions! this is a great idea by the way....


Heather Jerdee said...

Ummm I'm laughing w/ Beth. Don't want to win some of your artwork are ya crazy I totally would love to win , count on me playing too! And I opened my Etsy store just about two weeks ago and am glad to know it can take awhile to sell. I thought so but sometimes you just get that feeling in like oh no what if I never sell anything, just gotta have patience. I have a March b-day too :) Have a great weekend!

Megan Chapman said...

Great idea.
March is a good month.
You always inspire.
I will be playing often.

Comfortably Lovely said...

shit, better get my game cap on!

Art Kitten said...

wow, I don't think I will have time to visit you in Pontiac, I guess I am going to have to come to Portland! Looking forward to the giveaway!

melodie said...

Love this idea! Can't wait.