Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Busy Bee

Oh my.
I am so busy these days.
I'm in the home stretch for my Stumptown show so I've been in my studio every possible moment I possibly can be.

I'm also still working on the craft book cover for Lark Press, which I'm hoping to finish up this week. I'm hoping to post some photos soon.

Okay...time to get ready for bed so I can start all over tomorrow.

The title of this blog reminded me of this scene from best in show...

Oh! I also wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful comments in my last post.
It always makes me feel good to know I'm not alone...


mike said...

Thanks for this great post. It made my day. I cant stop laughing about this busy bee clip. Reminds me of how stressed I am when I get so busy. Maybe we all got to stop and breathe a minute while sipping on our espresso coffee

tangled sky studio said...

omg...that is hilarious. i needed that laugh this morning (thank you!). cover art????

Girl Land said...

It was just on! My husband was watching it last night. "That's not a bee, that's a FISH". Good stuff.