Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Three Ships

I've been thinking so much about relationships lately.

have been a series of events in my life, that I would rather not talk about on my blog, but have a lot to do with relationships. Friendships, loveships, and familyships.

am thoroughly confused by all three ships.

I thought I h
ad everything figured out and I was wrong. I thought I knew what those things meant but those things have changed so much for me in the two years, I don't know anymore.

I don't re
ally know where I'm going with this. I guess I just wanted to get this off my chest, in a round about kind of way. In a Idon'twanttorevealtoomuchofmypersonallifekindofway.

I don't know wh
at the future holds for any of these ship but I'm looking forward to it. Future relationships, future friendships, and maybe future familyships.

I don't think I'll ever h
ave it figured out. Ever. But, I'm really hoping to at least find some peace with all of them.


Janice La Verne said...

This is such a beautiful image: calm, quiet, introspective...

All the ships you speak of are so complicated. However dogships are usually pretty clear, thank heaven.

Michele Maule said...

Yes! Dogships are the best kind of ships! :)

justagirl said...

any kind of ships are a hard hard thing... for me 2009 was a bad year for some of those ships. I really don't think any of us will ever totally grasp how they work...
we humans are far too complicated.

Heather Kirtland said...

Yes, dogships are the most predictable! I've been there too, but the best part is they are constantly evolving, and usually bring more goodness than heartbreak. And I like to think that the older I get the better my fleet gets. I continue to figure out how to surround myself with the ones that are good for me. Hang in there!

Heather Kirtland said...

Oh, and "Three Ships" what a great title for a painting. ;-)

Rekoj said...

It's so hard to balance the personal with an art blog because art itself is so personal.
Thanks for as always being honest with where you are in both art and life. I really enjoy your regular art & blog posts and it's always a treat because you always speak to your reality.

o'reilly ink said...

I've had my bad years. Those ships can be so hard. Work when you can, do things you love. Just try to have a beer now and then and forget about it all. :)

rachel awes said...

lovely to find your blog/love your illustrations & tender contemplations...a beautiful duo.

Megan Chapman said...

Great post.

oh those three ships..
they sail around me
and leave me in utter confusion.
You are not alone in this, that is for certain.

Thanks for revealing what you do.
Here's to future ships, what ever they may be.

Lynn Fisher said...

Thank you for this post Michele...very thoughtful, and your illustrations are breathtaking!

katie said...

ships are difficult to maneuver. i agree. some ships are ship shape, and some are like ships in the night. and all of that rigging, all of those pulleys. and what about steering! yikes. who knows, not aye. mysterious and beautiful earth that we inhabit.
i do know, though, that you completely rock!

Michele Maule said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments :) It always makes me feel so much better knowing I'm not always alone on these matters.