Friday, April 13, 2012


It's Friday, and I actually have a real weekend. 

My plans include, painting, gardening, and celebrating my friend's 30th birthday. We're kicking off the weekend by going to see The Cabin in the Woods with friends tonight. Yikes! I love scary movies and I'm looking forward to seeing this. Mostly I'm excited about getting out of the house and going to the movies. It's been awhile.

I'm also hoping to finish my book Blue Nights by Joan Didion. If you're not familiar with her writing I urge you to pick up this book as well as a Year of Magical Thinking. Both books are a bit heavy. Blue Nights deals with the death of her daughter and it's also about how the author deals with her age and immortality. a Year of Magical thinking is about the sudden death of her husband. although both books are about the death of two loved ones, the books are not necessarily sad. They are reflections on her life with them.

I love how she writes about time and memory. How she compares this time last year, this time 5 years ago, this time 10 years ago. She also has this great train of thought kind of writing. It is lovely, thoughtful, and inspiring. 

So there. That's what I've got. Have a good weekend! 

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sMacThoughts said...

I rarely have a weekend off, so enjoy! Hope the movie is good and scary :-0